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Best No Contract Phone Plans

The cell phone plans that have no contract are better known as prepaid phones, are getting more attractive than ever. Knowing T-Mobile has taken the main company of the carrier and have become 100% available with best no contract phone plans, even more people is choosing this kind of plan because they have no commitment to acquire any phone and plan they want.

Best Prepaid Smartphone Plans of 2014

Having a Smartphone now a days, it's becoming more than a luxury a need, but an expensive need, most of Americans are paying more than $100 for each month. Of course there are ways to avoid this expenses by simply not buying a Smartphone but that's something we can't just do knowing all of the conveniences and functions they provide to our daily life, that's why we need to search for the

Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

Until a few years ago, the options for mobile phones with prepaid plans were limited or low quality coverage. They were an option for those who could not afford the monthly payments, or for parents looking to have a better control of the minutes that their children spent.
Now, many of the most popular devices on the market can be bought unblocked and the prepaid plans have become an option without commitment for those who do not want to sign up a contract.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans

Verizon Wireless provides prepaid mobile plans to anyone who wants to stay away from signing  contract and cancellation expenses. Compatible cell phones with Verizon Wireless prepaid deal is the exact cell phones that you can buy through a contract. The difference is the details of the plan itself
and the selection of the available phones.   

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Best Prepaid Phone Plans In 2013-2014

Since retailers such as Target and Walmart, until companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, there is more and more offer of plans without a contract. How to choose the best prepaid phone plans?
Best Prepaid Phone Plans : US Cellular Prepaid Phones
There is no doubt that the mobile phone market is becoming every day more competitive and that, at the end of the day, translates in good news for consumers, especially those who want to save up some money.

The 5 Best Prepaid Phone Plans

In the United States we have seen a big change in offers of mobile phone service providers prepaid plans — instead of the yearly contracts — despite that in Latin America and Spain this has been more like the rule and not the exception. Last week Target announced that they will sell a mobile phone prepaid plans in their stores since Sunday, October 6 th. The giant retailer Walmart had already done the same since 2010 with their plan "Straight Talk"." As well as Target and Walmart have agreements with providers of prepaid services — such as Brightspot and Straight Talk, respectively — and these companies are only joining the list of the other companies that had already entered the US market, including Boost Mobile and Metro PCS.

With so many providers, the competition of prices increases, giving the consumer a lot of plans to choose from. However, as much as the plans vary, the offers also vary during one service and the other concerning the Internet access, domestic or international calls and text messaging, it is even possible that your actual phone does not work at its fullest with the plan that you want, another limitation that can affect the consumers of the mobile plans of Target and Walmart is that even if it's not required to buy a new phone, it is required that the phone accepts a SIM card and that is unblocked, used mobile phones in the wireless network CDMA will not work — like the ones in Verizon, Sprint, or Metro PCS — because they do not accept a SIM card. Ask before you commit.

It is important to remember that when you acquire a prepaid plan, the consumer will have to buy their own phone without the discounts that they would receive if they would buy it with a  2-year contract. 
Obviously, there are many options, but there is one thing that is clear: if you wish to buy a cheap mobile phone to make calls only and text messaging occasionally, a prepaid plan from Target, or Walmart for US$ 35 would be very convenient for your pocket.

If you only want to make calls, the US$ 30 plan would be more convenient for you. However, if you are the kind that goes online many times a day to Facebook to upload pictures or you search for the web for reading newspapers, and talk or texts often with your family in Latin America, it would be better to spend a little bit more money and choose a plan that includes calls, data and unlimited texts, besides, if you want to avoid additional charges for excessive use of data or you do not want to pay much — or nothing — to make international calls, the CNET experts recommend these three ways of using your Smartphone.
On the next table you will find some of the current offers on the market and what makes each offer according to what you are looking for.

Note of the editor: This list does not include all the existing plans, but they do include the most important ones of the business of mobile phone service providers without contract. 

The Best Prepaid Phone Plans (based on prices of 30 days of use)

Target (Brightspot) with the wireless network of T-Mobile Best Prepaid Phone Plans

  • US$35: calls and unlimited texts
  • US$50: Calls, unlimited texts and data plan of 1 GB (in the 4G network of T-Mobile)
  • US$65: calls and unlimited texts; data plan of 4 GB on the 4g network of T-Mobile
  • SIM card cost of unblocked phones has not been announced yet.
  • Brightspot will offer international calls and texts for an extra US$10 monthly
  • For every 6 months of use, Target will give away US$ 25 for shopping in their stores and a discount of 5 percent to RedCard users.

Walmart (Straight Talk ) With TracFone Wireless Network Best Prepaid Phone Plans

  • US$30: 1000 minutes in calls, 1000 text messages and 30 MB in data plan.
  • US$45: Calls and unlimited texts; data of 2.5 GB (you can save yourself US$ 5 if you pay US$ 130 for 3 months)
  • US$60: unlimited national and international calls and domestic texts; data of 2.5 GB
  • The cost of SIM card for unblocked phones for US$14.99 (only one payment)
  • For consumers with Smartphones, Straight Talk offers an application to make international calls easily.

Verizon Wireless Best Prepaid Phone Plans

  • US$35: 500 minutes in calls (do not include mobile to mobile Verizon calls), unlimited texts and data (available only in five devices)
  • US$60: calls (including mobile to mobile) and unlimited texts; data of 2 GB
  • US$70: unlimited calls and texts; data of 4 GB
  • Verizon also has a plan "pay per use" for those who measure everything they do and spent.

Boost Mobile Best Prepaid Phone Plans

  • US$50: Unlimited calls and texts; data of 2.5 GB (but only available in five phones)
  • US$55: Unlimited calls and texts in an Android platform, data of 2.5 GB (available on 28 phones)
  • US$60: Unlimited calls and texts in a Blackberry platform, data of 2.5 GB (available only in the Blackberry Curve 9310) Best Phone Plans
  • For every six months of consecutive payment. Boost gives a monthly discount of US$ 5 until an accumulated maximum of US$ 15 (that can be obtained after 18 months of sharp payment)
  • You have to buy a new or used cell phone to Boost to get these prices.

Best Prepaid Phone PlansMetro PCS (was acquired by T-Mobile, uses the Sprint network)

  • US$40: unlimited calls and texts; data of 500 MB
  • US$50: unlimited calls and texts; data of 2.5 GB
  • US$60: Unlimited calls, texts and data (only with suitable mobiles for the 4G network)
  • US$: It cost of the SIM card for unblocked phones US$ 10 (only one payment)
  • It costs US$ 5 monthly to add the international text messages, and US$ 10 the calling service.
  • For Mexico, unlimited texts and calls to landlines and 1,000 minutes of calls to mobiles for US$10

Monday, November 25, 2013

No Contract Smartphones Presenting Nokia Lumia 520

Recently they have been a lot of new smartphones coming out like the galaxy Note 2, Iphone 5s, Iphone 5c moreover New windows phone like the Nokia lumia 520, but they have all been relatively expensive, and it is somewhat hard to find a cheap phone without signing a contract.
no contract smartphones

Guide No Contract Smartphones

They are a lot of prepaid companies out there but most of them do not have great phones or if they do have good phones, there are $600 or $700, so what if someone who doesn't want to drop $600 or $700 and do not wants to sign 2 years contract, what are his options? Where can he find no contract smartphones?

Today I am here to talk to you about my number one favorite smartphone for under $100, so when we look a smartphone market, there are a few heavy ways, of course you have android, ios and windows phone, one operating the system that will completely dismiss from this conversation are ios because you are not going to just walk into a store and buy an Iphone for $100 or anything below that without signing a contract. Now when we look at android is definitely possible to find an android smartphone for under $100, but there be two things wrong with it. Family Phone Plans
  • Will be added some software.
  • Will be added some hardware or even worse.
So where does that leave us? It lets us with windows phone and specifically Nokia lumia 520, it's a fairly new phone on AT&T but is also on T-Mobile as tech 521 and is also internationally as the 520.
no contract smartphones
The Nokia Lumia 520 come with the new operating system which is windows phone 8, a 4-inch IPS display, it has 5 Mega pixel camera on the back with no LED flash but still no key technology low-light photos do not necessarily matter and have snapdragon S 4 processor. The Nokia Lumia 520 they have to cut few things to put down the price which is missing front camera and the LTE data networks and it only come with 8 GB Internet storage but users can expand up to 64 GB using SD card slot. Best Phone Plans

no contract smartphones
Along with Nokia super sensitive display technology, so you can use things like blows to operate the phone it also has a 43 million power battery rate it about 10 hours of talk time on 3G connectivity. In my testing at last well over a day, normally get between 14 and 16 hours before I need to charge it.

When a whole low feature windows phone offers are definitely one of the best values on the market when it comes to get no contract smartphones and not out of date for only a $100.
So if you looking for a new smartphone and you are not trying to sign the contract and you still want something well but you do not want to break the bank, you own it to yourself  to give this phone a look.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best Family Mobile Plans

family mobile plans
If you are a busy business professional that travels quite a lot or simply just a parent with a few texting crazy teens, you can get the most appropriate family mobile plans and coverage that fit your needs, good thing is the prices for family phone plan coverage is very cheap and friendly with your pocket.

Now t-mobile and Walmart have announced a new family phone plan that allows your bank account to be in peace, and of course not that peace we all want but seriously are the best plan now for your entire house members just checks it out, both services are offering the unlimited plan with no contract needed.
  • T-Mobile Family Plans

t mobile family plans
With t mobile family plans all data plans are unlimited  starting with unlimited talk, text and web with high speed data up to 500 MB, it is available to all families with no contract and no credit check, the picture above explained how t mobile family plans works, first line cost $50 per month, second line is $30 per month and third line is $10 and as much as you choose more other line it will only cost $10 a month per line, so for members of 4, you get 4 lines which cost you only $100 a month. best cell phone plans

T-mobile networks changes the game in wireless and that what is t mobile familial plans explain, and note that with 500 MB of data you can send and receive 100 e-mails a day and view 20 web pages a day and if it's not enough, you can change it to the limit you want.
  • Walmart Family Mobile Plans

family mobile plans
Walmart offers family mobile plans, Walmart lately improved its monthly high-speed data allotment from 1 GB per month to 2.5 GB on it is a high-priced deal. The company also launched a new plan that offers unlimited voice and texting  for only $29.88 a month.

Before Walmart offered the family mobile plans with 1 GB data speed, unlimited talk and text per $40 a month. Today, the company changes the offer to unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB of data speed for only $39.88 a month, but if the user consumes more than 2,5 GB before one month, their data speed will be slowed. Walmart family phone deals is available for difference phones, including IOS and android devices.

T-Mobile & Walmart Family Plans

Do questions ask if you are confused about what to choose when you know what you are needing, you can then look at the competing phone companies to discover the best family mobile plans for you, and Absolutely no agreements and no limit cell phone packages do exist, does a little bit of research and you must find what you are looking for which will fit within your family's budget?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best Wireless Carrier Providers For Your Mobile

Best wireless carrier

 Top 10 Best Wireless Carrier Services

Today everybody has a wireless Internet access on their phones but I am sure not everyone has chosen the best wireless carrier plan. In every service you want you still have to choose from each category and in any type of plan you need.
Prices may be changed. Read the plans listed below so you can have an idea of how the prices are in each wireless service provider and choose the best wireless carrier for you.

The Best Wireless Carrier Companies :

AT&T: Has available single plans, family plans and no-contract wireless plans.
  • Single plans start at $39.99/month with 450 minutes. Unlimited plans start at $69.99/month
  • Family plans start at $59.99/month with 550 minutes. Unlimited plans start at $119.99/month with extra devices at $49.99/device.
  • No-contract plans cost $0.10/minute and an unlimited plan for $19.99/month.
VERIZON WIRELESS: This wireless service provider also includes the same single, family and no-contract plans just they call it in a different way. In here you can choose a data plan or a prepaid plan.
  • A shared data plan can be used as a single line plan or a family plan.
You choose the number of minutes you want and the number of phones you will get coverage for.
The coverage cost of each basic phone is of $30, and a 700 minute plan starts at $10/month.
  • The unlimited plans for more than one phone starts at $60/month
  • An unlimited non-contract plan cost $209.99/month.
SPRINT: This Company sells single and family line plans. The single line plan costs $29.99/month for 200 minutes, and unlimited plan cost $109.99/month. The family plan costs $69.99/month for 700 minutes. For each basic phone it is a $9.99 extra, and for each smartphone it is a $29.99/month extra moreover the unlimited family plan costs $209.99/month.

BOOST MOBILE: This service provider sells no-contract prepaid plans that start at $50/month. Boost Mobile also offers to shrink payments which mean that for every 6 months that you pay your bill on time, your payment will decrease by $5, and they can lower your payment to as little as $35/month.

CRICKET: They offer a no-contract plan that starts at $35/month for an unlimited plan. If you enter their website, you will notice that they do not give rates on adding additional devices to a plan.

T MOBILE: They have available single plans, family plan and no-contract plans.
  • An unlimited single line plan starts at $59.99/month and a 500 minute plan cost $39.99/month.
  • An unlimited family plan starts at $99.98/month; unlimited also plan costs $30/month for each line and 500 minutes costs $5/month for each line.
  • Family plan that includes 1000 minutes costs $59.98/month.
  • No-contract plans start at $10 for 30 minutes moreover unlimited no-contract plans start at $50/month.
VIRGIN MOBILE: They offer a single line no-contract prepaid plans that start at $35/month for 300 minutes and $40/month for unlimited call minutes. This wireless service provider company does not have available family plans deal.

STRAIGHT TALK: They have no-contract plans that start at $30/month for 1000 minutes, and $45/month for unlimited calling minutes. Their website does not give details on adding extra lines.

JITTERBUG: This Company offers no-contract plans that start at $14.99/month for 50 minutes. These no-contract plans also can be used as shared plans. Extra line cost $14,99/month but you can only aggregate extra lines to premium planes which start at $39.99/month for 400 minutes. Unlimited plans start at $79.99/month. best  mobile phone plans

NET 10: They offer no-contract plans that start at $15/month for 200 minutes and $45/month for unlimited minutes for calls. Their website does not give details on adding extra lines.

TRACFONE: They sell no-contract plans for single, and family use that starts at $9.99/month for 50 minutes. The family plan that they have available costs $9.99/month for 50 minutes, and $5,99/month for each extra line and this is the best wireless carrier for you, check it out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Wireless Plans For Your Mobile Phone

Best Wireless Plans

 The Best Wireless Plans 2013-2014

Searching for the best wireless plans. Now it’s here what you have been looking for, the easiest way of getting a cell phone with the best plan that can meet your expectations, without moving from the comfort of your home, MyRatePlan comes with the best qualities such as amazing prices and a great variety of cell phones for all tastes, so do not wait anymore and visit and get the cell phone and plan that can fit your pocket anytime and anywhere saving you time and money.

MyRatePlan Best Wireless Plans

best wireless plans
Let’s face it we are in an era of technology and lately a great part of our life depends on it. Technology has come to make our life easier and it sure does, so our cell phone is an essential tool, so we are making sure you get the best coverage along with the best price for your own convenience by finding you the best deal for wireless Internet access plan for your mobile, just provide us with your zip code and what kind of plan you are currently paying and we will help you find the best deal in your area.

MyRatePlan provides you with these types of services:
best wireless plans
If you want a single plan and do not need to provide for any family member with a wireless service then what you need is a Single line Plan which a is cheaper than the other family plans and it covers minutes, text messaging and data for only your device.

No, Contract Plans are prepaid plans without getting to sign a contract, just pay your fee in advance for the use of every month, also available as a family use prepaid plan.
Now in Family Plans the benefit you have is that you can pay for wireless services for any member of your family making your bill bigger but with a lot more small fees paid for every month, this plan includes minutes, text messaging and data plan which generally includes more data than the single plan.


In contract plans you pay for the service provider for usually 1 or 2 years, you have to pay for every month for that time until the contract is done, knowing that you must pay for the service even if you are not satisfied with it. Most of the plans have a contract but if you do not ask to have one it can be done. Most of the time, the wireless service provider will charge you an early termination fee which this means that they will add to your monthly payment a penalty fee on top.
If you do not sign in with a contract, you can cancel your wireless service provider at the end of the month if you are unsatisfied with it.

Characteristics of the Service

Having your service you must also consider the costs of what you want to use in a plan:
  • Minutes for calls
  • Text messages
  • Data plan and storage
best wireless plans
There are plans you can buy with minute allotments which may include up until 500 to 1000 minutes, etc., and unlimited minutes. The unlimited plans are of course more expensive, but if you pick a limited plan then you exceed your assigned minutes then the extra minutes you will be using will be more expensive such as $0.10/minute.

There are plans that include a limited amount of text messages like for example 200 to 500 text messages and plans with unlimited text messaging.  Most of the unlimited calling plans also include unlimited text messages.

If you own a smartphone then you will also need a data plan which the prices are according to the gigabyte you use, for example 1 GB costs $40/month with AT&T. Data plans allows you to use the Internet and download app and media.
There are also some plans that include a limited amount of text messages, like for example 200 or 500 messages, ETC and plans of unlimited text messages. Most of the unlimited calling plans include unlimited text messages. Best Cell Phone Plans

Acquiring new phones

The majority of wireless service providers can provide service to almost any phone. Also if you already had a phone with a plan but then you want to change the service provider then you can just exchange the SIM cards providing your phone with the new plan.

But if you do not have a phone and you want to get one the best wireless plans service provider will offer you a low price phone or even free phone just by buying the plan. As for example we have a Druid RAZR which has a market cost of $549.99, but when you buy it with the plan with a  2-year contract with AT&T it has a new cost of $99, what a great offer it is, there is also the iPhone 4 for free with the plan of a 2-year contract with AT&T.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Best Smartphone Available Today

The Best Smartphone

Which Is The Best Smartphone 2013?

Now the Smartphone technology is the best and hottest need we can purchase this incredible high technology its selling millions, billions around the world and of course this is one of the small luxuries we want to spend more money on, where you aware of that a high-end on contract could easily end up paying over a thousand dollars?

So right before you want to purchase a good phone you must be aware of what you are doing to make a good decision in choosing one, so that’s where come in doing our best to help you achieve it.

Well, first all you must decide which system you want to be using. We have the iPhone with its IOS software, also the Android cellphones by Google, the Microsoft Windows 8 phone and a new type which the Blackberry 10 is making an entrance into the Smartphone world.

Describing a little of each we have the IOS by iPhone which has the best applications and high quality games, now the Android is phoning the most trivial possible, the Windows 8 phone is the slickest and the blackberry 10 is also a good choice but for those who want something a little bit different.

This year 2013 has been a good year for the Smartphone’s world with the coming from the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the two IPhones. We also had the coming of new phones from Samsung and Sony with the Nexus 5 which is expected before this year end

Which Is The Best Smartphone For You?


which is the best smartphone
This HTC One is one of the best smartphones in the market right now. It has a great performance and amazing good quality only slightly by running hot in use. We cannot fault the feature set and the price is very alike as the other smartphones. Now talking about its audio and visual output we can say it’s unsurpassed, we can say the interface might be an acquired taste for some people, and we were not very impressed with the camera, it is not a perfect phone but it can be compared with the Xperia Z and iPhone 5 so this is a great phone that you can buy. 

IPhone 5s

the best smartphone
If you have an iPhone 5 it’s absolutely a great purchase but iPhone 5s brings some new features that you may love such as a better camera, videos in low light, faster processor but still iPhone 5 has a lot more to offer even for another year (maybe IOS 8) and start to find the A6-s processor limits. People who have iPhone 4 or 4s are in for a treat, though. Also have some serious performance gains such as the bigger screen, its light weight and the scan fingerprint make such a big difference. So if you are considering on purchasing an iPhone, well, the iPhone 5s will not disappoint you being one of the most future-proof of the current Smartphone crop.

Samsung Galaxy's S4 

the best smartphone
Samsung Galaxy's S 4 is a great phone with outstanding performance, hardware and new cool features but some of them can be considered a little gimmicky, if we must compare this phone. We have to say to we are a little bit disappointed in its build quality considering the handset costs a little bit more than the one of their rivals.

Nokia Lumia 720

the best smartphone
Now this a great phone so we really like it. Nokia has created a great phone which is well-balanced Smartphone and it can precisely be what Windows Phone 8 needs. This phone has a lot to offer to have a decent appearance and performance as well as a good price. best cell phone plans


the best smartphone
In here LG offers a great phone which makes a combination of value for money and high-end features which we have not even seen them in other rivals. An also combined with a pretty impressive design and handy software features, now we can say that you will not complain about this handset just the lack of microSD card slot which at the end of the day will not be a big flaw.